Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hoya Insider Building Steam!

So it appears the massive “flyering” campaign around Georgetown’s campus two nights ago proved pretty successful! The blog recorded a fairly substantial number of hits from Georgetown students, and I want to thank all of the visitors who took the time to check out the blog. In fact, over the past five days the blog has recorded 294 visits from 175 visitors located in 86 different cities (including Madrid, Florence, Puerto Madero, Berlin, and Seoul). If you’re wondering how I was able to collect all of this data, it was done using a free program called Google Analytics, which I would recommend to anyone starting a website or blog.

I would also like to thank Vox Populi for posting a somewhat positive, somewhat critical feature story on Hoya Insider this afternoon. Not only did the post discuss the flyers placed around campus, but it provided me a forum to discuss some of the goals for Hoya Insider. One of the criticisms raised by Vox Populi concerned the relatively limited number of posts currently on the blog. Without a doubt, this is a very valid point. Given that Hoya Insider is very young and still developing, we are working towards providing new stories and insight on a more consistent and daily basis. However, I would ask that readers of Hoya Insider remain patient, and we will try to provide a new post as often as we can.

Once again, thanks to all of those who visited the blog, and we look forward to providing you with new stories and updates over the coming weeks!

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