Friday, June 19, 2009

Notable Georgetown Alumni

Georgetown has always attracted a lot of intelligent students and talented athletes. So as you might expect, the university has a really long list of notable alumni, which includes a slew of politicians, lawyers, scientists, and business leaders. Some of the most famous Hoyas include former President Bill Clinton, as well as, basketball players Patrick Ewing and Allen Iverson. But there are also many Georgetown graduates who, while not as famous, hold some pretty impressive positions. So here is a list of accomplished alumni who you either may not know went to Georgetown or have never heard of. I was pretty surprised at some, so I'm sure you will be too...
  1. Pat Buchanan (C 1961) - advisor to Presidents Nixon/Ford/Reagan, political commentator for MSNBC; a regular on The McLaughlin Group

  2. George Tenet (SFS 1976) - Director, Central Intelligence Agency (1997-2004)

  3. General James L. Jones (SFS 1966) - National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama

  4. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (SCE 1954) - First Lady of the United States (1961-1963)

  5. Edward Bennett Williams (L 1944) - trial lawyer; attorney for the Washington Post and Georgetown University; owned the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Orioles

  6. Michael Powell (L 1993) - Chairman, Federal Communications Commission (2001-2005), son of former Secretary of State Colin Powell

  7. Michael S. Steele (L 1991) - Chairman, Republican National Committee

  8. Joseph R. Baczko (SFS 1967) - president and CEO, Blockbuster Entertainment (1991-1993); founder and president, Toys R' Us-International (1983-1990)

  9. Vincent C. Burke Jr. (SFS 1943, L 1950) - chairman and CEO, Riggs National Bank (1973-1982): called the "bank of presidents," Riggs customers included Abraham Lincoln and 21 other first families - PNC bought Riggs in 2005

  10. Mary Callahan Erdoes (C 1989) - CEO, JPMorgan Private Bank (2004-Present)

  11. John Laytham (SFS 1966) - president and CEO, Clyde's Restaurant Group

  12. Ted Leonsis (C 1977) - president and CEO, AOL Interactive Properties; majority owner, Washington Capitals hockey team

  13. Philip Marineau (C 1968) - president, Quaker Oats Company; CEO, Pepsi North America; president and CEO, Levi Strauss & Co.

  14. George J. Mitchell (L 1961) - chairman, Walt Disney Company (2004-2006)

  15. Michael A. Todman (B 1979) - president, Whirlpool North America (2007-Present)

  16. Lance L. Weaver (B 1976) - chairman, board of directors, MasterCard International

  17. Sara Albert (C 2005) - America's Next Top Model contestant

  18. Amerie (C 2000) - R&B singer (famous song: 1 Thing)

  19. William Peter Blatty (C 1950) - author of The Exorcist

  20. John Guare (C 1960, H 1991) - author and playwright: The House of Blue Leaves, Six Degrees of Separation; five Tony Awards

  21. Jack Hofsiss (C 1971) - director of theater, film and television; Tony Award for directing The Elephant Man

  22. Malcolm Lee (C 1992) - director, The Best Man and Undercover Brother

  23. Mitchell Hurwitz (C 1985) - TV writer, creator of Arrested Development

  24. John Mulaney (C 2004) - stand-up comedian, regularly featured on VH1's Best Week Ever

  25. Jonathan Nolan (C 1999) - author of Memento, co-writer of screenplay for The Dark Knight

  26. Norah O'Donnell (C 1996, G 2003) - MSNBC chief Washington correspondent; contributor to NBC's Today

  27. Shirley Povich (C 1928, L attended two years) - sports editor of the Washington Post for 41 years

  28. Maria Shriver (C 1977) - NBC-TV news commentator and wife of Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger

  29. Alex Stancioff (MBA 1995) - executive animation producer, Comedy Central's "Lil' Bush"

  30. Lisa Sylvester - CNN reporter

  31. Greta Van Susteren (L 1979, L1982) - Fox News anchor, On The Record

  32. Mark Abbott (SFS 1986) - president, Major League Soccer

  33. Bill Bidwill (B 1960) - owner, Arizona Cardinals

  34. Robert H. Castellini (C 1963) - CEO, Cincinnati Reds

  35. Frank McCourt, Jr. (C 1975) - owner and chairman, Los Angeles Dodgers

  36. Mark H. Murphy (L 1988) - president and CEO, Green Bay Packers

  37. Susan O'Malley (L 2007) - first female president of an NBA franchise (Washington Sports and Entertainment)

  38. Carmen Policy (L 1966) - president, Cleveland Browns

  39. Jim Schwartz (C 1989) - head coach, Detroit Lions

  40. Paul Tagliabue (C 1962) - commissioner, National Football League (1989-2006)

  41. William Shea (C 1929) - noted New York attorney and patriarch of the New York Mets; Shea Stadium named in his honor

For a more complete list of notable Georgetown alumni, check out Wikipedia (

...and don't worry, I referenced a good sample of the names to make sure the information was accurate, and it was.


  1. Welcome to the Gtown blogosphere, Chris Trahos.

  2. SoulFinch,

    Thanks for the comment. Jackie Kennedy attended both George Washington University and Georgetown University.

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