Saturday, January 23, 2010


Over this past summer, I came up with the idea to start Hoya Insider as a fun project with the hope that it might mature over time. Unfortunately, this vision was never realized. I truly want to thank every person that took the time to visit the blog. Special thanks go out to my good friends Conrad and Saum, who cared enough to take the time out of their schedules so that the three of us could post over 200 flyers around campus! Managing a blog is hardly a simple task, and I have tremendous respect for blogs that manage to provide a consistent stream of outstanding content.

My four years at Georgetown have all been outstanding, and it is a privilege to say that I attend this university. As I enter my last semester on the Hilltop, I have really grown to appreciate the rich and vibrant community I live in. Although I had hoped to chronicle the news, lives, and events of this community, I will leave that to other blogs that are much better equipped to do so than me. It really was a lot of fun to start and work on Hoya Insider, and I would encourage any person interested in starting a blog to give it a try!